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The Why, When, and How of Tongue Scraping

Imagine it’s still winter and you’re standing at the door, ready to brave the cold. You’re layered-up with three shirts and a sweatshirt, a heavy winter coat, and two layers of socks underneath waterproof winter boots. You’ve got those awesome jeans with the flannel on the inside, a comfy hat, a scarf, and gloves. You’re […]

Brushing FAQs

Mouth open or mouth closed? After lunch or after dinner? Flat or at an angle? We brush our teeth every day (hopefully!), but who knew it was this complicated. Just grab a brush a get to work, right? Not so fast, my friend! There are actually some best practices to be mindful of when brushing […]

Did you know there are five distinct stages of tooth decay? And, that in the first stage of decay, you can actually take steps to reverse the progression of the disease? Indeed, it’s true. In the first stage of decay, whether you’re a child or an adult, the application of fluoride via fluoride treatments, your […]